First post, new blog

I feel like I should post something clever and memorable here, for my first post.  But, waiting to come up with something like that could take a while.  So here we are.

I created this blog because the Foreign Service blogosphere is lacking somebody like me: the childless trailing husband.  During the weeks and months leading up to Diplowife’s new job I looked all over for bloggers like me, trying to find guidance.  I found a lot of good advice and information, and lots of blogs dealing with issues related to children and other topics not relevant to me, so here I am, trying to contribute something, and hopefully help other guys in my demographic.

To summarize things so far, my wife and I moved to DC in 2012, to kick off her post PhD career, hopefully in the Foreign Service, but she would have been happy in several other places.  As it turned out, she got the call in February 2016 to join up, and away we went.  Since then she’s graduated from the A-100 training class, and is currently in training for the job she’ll do at her first posting.  After that training comes the language training, so we’re not going anywhere for a while.

Meanwhile, I’m still working in the IT racket, up in Gaithersburg, the slightly rednecky DC suburb.  I’ll probably stay working here until we have a couple months before shipping out, then I’ll try to get into an introductory language class so I won’t be completely unprepared.  I’m also looking into job and career options once we get to post, which is a very complicated topic.

So for now, welcome to my new blog, and I hope it’s useful and/or entertaining.

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